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The Best of The Best In Our Community!

Local Professionals:

Acupuncture: Toni Eatros, Acupuncture Physician (239)260-4566

Biofeedback: Equine Bio Health,Inc., Brenda Judah (239) 221-8977

Counseling: Brandy Kidd, MSW, LCSW, [email protected], (239)404-4070

Counseling: Pam Green, "Walk and Talk Therapy", (239) 370-6559

EMDR Therapy: Kim St. Clair. THE ST. CLAIR CENTER. (239) 221-6156

Dentist: Dr. Maria Linden, DDM, (239) 593-0777 and Gulfview Dental Dr. Dean Mourselas, (239) 261-7291

Hair Dresser: Organic Edge Salon, Kerry Hayes (305) 330-6644

Hair Cut: Lynn Greenling, (239) 777-1571

Sports Massage: Nicole Smythe, LMT (239) 777-5406

Kinofitness, Specific Athletic Training and Performance Matt Johnson (239) 580-9987

Jamie Riles Fitness: (239) 595-6751

Optometry: Dr. Wendy Barton (239) 261-7071

Primary Physician: Dr. Vida Anksh, Internal Medicine (239) 254-1316 and Dr. Julia Harris Family Practice (239)732-1050

Neurologist: Dr. John Wilson (239) 348-4400

OB-GYN: Dr. Max Kamerman, (239) 262-3399 and/or Dr. Michon Floreani

Orthopedics: Dr. Bertram (239) 592-0373, Dr. Goldberg (239) 330-6030

Pediatrician: Dr. Debbie Sheppard Lighthouse Pediatrics (239) 449-9882


Animal Referral Source:

Dr. Albert Lopez: Conceirge Vet Services (239) 777-7387

Dr. Moore: Affordable Pet Hospital

Ruffgers Dog University: Canine Training And Agility, (239) 732-5455

Dog Sitting: Ann Horsca The Canine Connection. (239) 370-7662


Tell them Dr. Nikki sent you! The best compliment someone can give is a referral of a friend!